Effective whitehat SEO Techniques

If you own a website the chances are you want to reach the top of Google for your chosen keywords. There many different methods and tactics you can use in order to help boost your search engine optimization. Whitehat SEO refers to using methods that first are ethical and secondly (and most importantly) won’t get your website binned. Whitehat SEO uk is the antithesis to Blackhat SEO. Blackhat SEO relies on a plethora of tactics to ‘trick’ the search engines into ranking a website higher. In the short term, some of these methods can work however eventually most websites get found out and promptly binned.

Whitehat SEO on the other hand relies on using methods that are friendly to the search engines and in no way put your site at risk. If you decide to work with a SEO company uk be sure to ask them precisely how they will be managing your campaign. If they start talking about creating ‘doorway pages’ or using the latest comment spamming tool, then you can politely turn down their offer!

Whitehat SEO is about building a website that other sites will want to link to naturally. It is also about implementing a backlink campaign that again will encourage other sites to naturally link back to your site. Here are some examples of some Whitehat SEO serviecs techniques.

Press Releases – These can be excellent way of generating a lot of buzz about your site and encouraging other sites to link to you. If you have something newsworthy to write about your site, get a professionally written press release and have it distributed via the many online distribution services. Journalists are constantly looking for new things to write about and if you have something really newsworthy the may pick you up.

Viral Content – You can craft content (videos, writing, audio) specifically to attract mass distribution. The strangest things suddenly go ‘viral’ and if you manage to get picked up you could be looking at thousands if not tens of thousands of links to your site.

Guest Posts On Blogs – Find an authority blog in your niche and develop a relationship with the owner. Ask if you can write a piece on their blog and at the end leave a backlink.

Article Marketing – Article marketing is a safe way to build backlinks and a great way to drive traffic to your site. As long as you are providing information that it valuable to the reader, you can collect some good backlinks.
There are many other whitehat seo methods, just remember the whole idea of whitehat seo is to optimise a site naturally in a way that is not going to upset the search engines.